SmartArray LED Modules

The Plug & Play Power Light

SmartArray LED modules from LUMITRONIX® are designed for the use in bright light luminaires – from designer luminaires to industrial high-performance luminaires. Thanks to the very flat and compact design SmartArray LED modules can be integrated into almost any luminaire design. Also, many of the modules allow a very esay installation due to the existing recesses for screws.
The SmartArrays, which are developed and manufactured in-house, are equipped with the high-quality LEDs of the world market leader Nichia. Due to the high CRI value of typically 85, colours appear particularly natural.

The use of extremely powerful LEDs generates heat, which must be derived somehow. This can be achieved with the mounting of a heat sink, by active cooling or a part of the luminaire body. Some variants of the SmartArrays have an adhesive foil attached to the rear side which improves the contact to the heat sink and therefore ensures the generated heat to be passed on optimally. The LUMITRONIX® SmartArray modules are also available with 24V connection technology, which opens up further possibilities in the selection of a suitable power supply unit.

SmartArray LED Modules

Ideal Replacement for COB Modules

The SmartArray LED modules were specially developed for the replacement of COB modules. With the same dimensions they offer the same or higher output, lighting quality and finishing at a more convenient price.
The SmartArray LED modules are compatible with optics, holders and accessories and can therefore mostly be integrated seamlessly into the production without changing the manufacturing processes. SmartArray LED modules are available in oblong and square design in many different sizes.
They are available with up to 28 bright Nichia LEDs, optionally in neutral and warm white colours. Thanks to
their compact design and high luminosity, SmartArrays offer you a wide scope of possibilities in your product development. Additionally, LUMITRONIX® also produces SmartArray modules according to your individual requirements.

Tunable White and Dim2Warm Technology

Equipped with the new Dim2Warm and Tunable White technology SmartArray LED modules always generate
the desired lighting mood, e.g. in residential and office areas. The Tunable White modules offer a continuous regulation of the colour temperature from warm white to cool white and can be adjusted dynamically.
For instance, lighting indoors can be adapted to the outdoor lighting conditions. This demonstrably increases the well-being, concentration and performance. SmartArray Tunable-White modules are ideally suited for luminaires in offices, hospitals or schools. When being dimmed, the modules hold the colour temperature constant over the entire brightness range. When dimming the SmartArray modules with the Dim2Warm technology, the light receives a warmer temperature and thus creates a cosy, pleasant atmosphere. It is comparable with the dimming of an incandescent lamp, the glow of a candle or an open fire. This is achieved by an intelligent switching of the operating current.


  • Ideal replacement for chip-on-board modules (accessory compatible)
  • Also available with Dim2Warm and Tunable White technology
  • Excellent homogeneity
  • Bright – up to 4300 lm
  • Long-life: over 60,000 h
  • Simple fastening thanks to recesses for screws
  • New versions with 24V connection
  • Low-budget version available
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