LumProtect® - Innovative Lamination Process for Flexible Electronics and LED Technology

On an Innovative Course from the Very Beginning

Since its foundation in 2005, LUMITRONIX® has steadily expanded its manufacturing competencies. Always open for innovative technologies, the company has consistently invested in its production, which forms the heart of the business. From the very beginning, manufacturing has taken place in Hechingen/Southern Germany under the highest quality standards and using the latest technologies. In 2018, the production for rigid, electronic assemblies was expanded by a new production line for flexible electronics. Today, the new line produces flexible, electronic assemblies in a roll-to-roll process for the entire industry.

However, mechanical flexibility is often accompanied by physical stress. In demanding applications, the flexible modules must reliably withstand the strain in the respective application. To meet this demand, LUMITRONIX® has recently established an innovative production process to make flexible electronics sturdier for challenging uses.

Features of the Unique Technology

  • Structured or smooth surfaces possible
  • High dielectric strength
  • High material transparency
  • Hardly any colour shifts
  • Different designs and colours possible with optional textile layers
  • Different connection and sealing options with cables, plugs, eyelets & crimp contacts

The Lamination Process

In the new production plant, both flat and linear electronic assemblies are laminated with several polymer materials. Depending on the intended use, the material composition can be adapted. In the lamination process, several layers of plastic are applied to the front and back of the flexible PCB material using heat and pressure.

During this process, the components assembled on the flexible PCB are encapsulated, excluding any air residues in the material composite. Since only very thin layers are used, the flexibility of the module is still maintained and at the same time the mechanical resistance increases significantly. The high transparency of the materials used makes the innovative technology a perfect complement for modules with LEDs or optical sensors.

LumProtect® Keeps Flexible LED Modules Reliably Protected

The innovative lamination technology offers reliable protection against a wide range of environmental influences. Whether solar radiation, wind or water – the modules can withstand any weather and can for example be used outdoors in flexible lighting solutions. Furthermore, the lamination protects the Flex module against various chemicals in the air (e.g. exhaust gases) or when in direct contact with the surface (e.g. paint, cleaning agents, dust). Mechanical stresses, such as a direct impact on the electronics by the user, can also be largely avoided. Despite the lamination, the flexibility of the assembly is maintained so that multi-dimensional installations remain possible.

Technology Introduction:
Standard and Customised Solutions

The proprietary LUMITRONIX portfolio will be expanded in autumn with two new laminated LED modules: a surface module and a linear strip.  The first prototypes were successfully presented at this year’s LOPEC trade fair. As the solution is unique on the market and offers real added value, it generated a high level of interest among stand visitors.

The lamination technology also offers possibilities for customised adaptations of the material composite. This allows for different designs and colours of the lamination, which can be realised within the layers with a kind of textile.

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