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Our development engineers have diverse and wide-ranging industry knowledge and have implemented numerous projects from a diverse spectrum of applications. We also have one of the most comprehensive assortments of LEDs for your specific LED light solution and can produce tailor-made LED modules in our state-of-the-art in-house production.

Case Studies

Success-stories of our customers.

LED components for surface luminaires

Lighting for motion pictures

Our customer is a company from the film and media industry that develops professional equipment for film sets and television studios. It is a medium-sized company that is market-leading in all areas and can be included among the so-called “hidden champions” in Germany.

A white LED that must meet very special requirements was needed for the present project – a lighting system for the film and television industry. These requirements are a key element for our customer to be able to themselves apart from the competition. The lighting system uses the white LED in combination with a blue, green and red LED.

The lighting system offers users the widest variety of possibilities and settings. The colour temperature can be adjusted between 2,800K and 10,000K. The colour rendering is extraordinarily good. The colour tone, saturation and green and/or magenta point can be adjusted precisely with the combination of LEDs.

  • Very narrow selection of colour location (comparable with 3-step MacAdam) above the Planck curve
  • Stable binning in the forward bias and brightness
  • Maximum forward bias of 3.0V
  • Long-term availability and reliability
  • Evaluation of mid-power LEDs of various manufacturers
  • Implementation of requirements in cooperation with the manufacturer and customer
  • Establishment of a project with special production to assure the extraordinary binning requirements for the customer
  • Project support with comprehensive advice from Lumitronix from the very beginning
  • Long-term assurance of availability and binning requirements by Lumitronix

Manufacturer: Nichia
LED series: 757
Output range: Mid-power
Colour temperature: 3,000K


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Lighting for motion pictures
Lighting for cooking

LUMITRONIX® LED blocks for lighting extractor hoods when cooking

Lighting for cooking

Our client develops and produces extractor hoods and ventilation systems in Germany. Thanks to their high level of innovation, the extraction fans work more quietly, considerably more efficiently and in a significantly more energy-saving way. Another unique selling point is the outstanding design of the extractor fan – lighting plays an important role here.

  • Efficient and long-lasting LEDs
  • Use for stove and mood lighting
  • High flexibility when using the LED blocks
  • Class A energy efficiency
  • Visible colour deviations inadmissible
  • Development of several LED blocks of different lengths
  • Homogenous lighting area with narrow binning and a consistent LED gap
  • The simplest combination thanks to plug connector
  • Use of long life Nichia LEDs and production of the LED blocks in the same place
  • 5 year warranty, Made in Germany

Ten different blocks
Technical details exemplary for a module:
Dimensions: 500 x 18 mm
PCB material: FR4
LED: 49 x Nichia 157 series
Input voltage: 24 V
Typical output: 6.5 W
Typical brightness: 630 lm
Production of 100,000 modules per year


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Marcel Fries
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LUMITRONIX® LED blocks for aquarium lighting

An underwater world in its best light

Our client is one of the market leaders for the manufacture of freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as aquarium accessories. The product series has constantly been developing and modernising for more than 50 years. A new and modern lighting concept was sought on a short term for entry-level aquariums which would be characterised by its modernness and efficiency and which would present the manufacturer as highly modern.

  • Aquariums need very specific lighting colours depending on their use
  • LED modules of various lengths and sizes for different aquariums
  • Maximum of 24 V supply (higher voltage is not allowed for aquariums)
  • Blocks with different light colours with LEDs from the same series (consistent footprint)
  • Light flux expected by the client is 800 lm for the smallest aquarium size (2 modules)
  • Very low price with 3 year warranty
  • Close collaboration with the client Cost savings with the development of a consistent, coupling module
  • Supply using a 24 V power supply unit
  • Desired brightness is thus surpassed
  • A coupling was developed according to the requirements of fishkeeping, which enables the modules to be connected without any soldering

Dimensions: 240 x 15 x 2.2 mm
Connector: Molex
Angle of radiation: 120°
LED: 7 x Nichia 757 series
Operation/output: 24 V / 3.6 W
Luminous colour: 6500 K
Luminous flux: 420 lm
Efficiency: 116 lm / W
Production of 140,000 modules per year


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Daniel Göricke
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An underwater world in its best light
An experience of light and colour

LUMITRONIX® BacklightMatrix as an elevator lighting

An experience of light and colour

Our client is a specialist in metalwork, especially for elevator technology. The location of the project is a major airport in Germany. Existing top sheets with embedded halogen spotlights have to be replaced with light and friendly luminous ceilings. Behind translucent KS boards, an LED backlighting should provide light.

  • Absolutely homogenous LED backlighting with a construction depth of only approximately 50 mm
  • Full existing supply of the halogen lamps to be replaced with a programmable control system
  • No colour deviation within the ceiling
  • The inner surface of the elevator should be backlit in neutral white, while the edge area takes on the colour of the label for the floor it is passing or stopping at when the lift is moving
  • Ideal application for the BackMatrix from Lumitronix® with dimensions 290 x 290 mm
  • Quick job-orientated bin-pure production
  • Control technology coming from a company specialising in the field with components from Lumitronix® (high power dimmer)

Dimensions: 290 x 290 x 2.2 mm
Connector: AVX Interconnect AWG18
Operation/output: 24 V / 10.9 W
LED: 49 x Nichia 757 series
CRI value: 85
Luminous flux / colour: 1225 lm / 5000 K
Efficiency: 112 lm / W
Angle of radiation: 120°
LED modules produced: 1,900 pieces


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Kevin Nagy

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LUMITRONIX® LED modules for wind power plants

High power for the way up

The client is the leading manufacturer of wind power plants in Germany and was looking for a new and technically high-quality path lighting system for their plants. The lighting system was to be brought in on all levels of the tower and thus make maintenance and control work on the plant as easy as possible – at the same time using as little power as possible.

  • Construction of the module for a very broad input voltage range of 12-36 V DC/AC
  • Ensuring a working life of 50,000 hours or and operation of 20 years
  • Full traceability on the construction level
  • The highest EMV stability for electronics
  • Resistance of the mechanics against outside influences (‘vibration and shock’ or aggressive atmospheric conditions like salt spray)
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Development of a module according to customer requirements (specifications sheet)
  • EMV-suitable design despite unfavourable environmental conditions Particularly excellent claim for the protection of the construction group against electromagnetic disturbances
  • 5 mm thick and thermally optimised PCB FR4 material with 20 selected high power LEDs: Brightness of 1015 lumens, colour temperature of 6500 K, CRI value at least 80 and cheap manufacture

Dimensions: 70 x 50 mm
PCB material: FR4 (two-layer)
LED: 20 x Nichia 757 series
Input voltage: 24 V constant voltage
Typical output: 12 W
Luminous flux: 1015 lm
Efficiency: 88 lm / W (incl. covering)
Production of 60,000 modules per year


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Paul Sparenborg
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High power for the way up
A bright train

LUMITRONIX® LED modules for rail vehicle lighting

A bright train

The client is a specialist for object and special lighting and they produce in Germany. The company has been constructing and manufacturing rail vehicle lighting, among other things, for domestic and international use for over 50 years. The assignment was to conceive an LED module which would be implemented as ceiling lighting in a tram.

  • The module must fulfil special guidelines for use in rail vehicles and for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Constant brightness at a variable input voltage range of 12 V-33 V DC
  • Module with at least 200 lumens and desired lighting strength through focussing
  • High product security and long operational life should be aimed for as maintenance work in the area of application has high costs
  • In close collaboration with the client, a corresponding LED module was developed
  • Aluminium boards for optimal heat dissipation
  • Polycarbonate visual meets the high material requirements completely
  • Easy processing thanks to packing and preassembled connector cables
  • Desired brightness exceeded with 250 lumens thanks to three Nichia LEDs with long operational lives

Diameter: 44 mm
PCB material: Aluminium
Angle of radiation: 54°
LED: 3 x Nichia 219 series
Visual material: Polycarbonate
Luminous flux / colour: 250 lm / 3000 K
Input voltage: 12-33 V DC
Max. output: 3.6 W
Production of 17,000 modules per year


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Paul Sparenborg
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LUMITRONIX® LED modules for industrial lighting

Large spaces, lots of flexibility

Our client is a specialist for industry lighting in Germany. The company develops linear luminaires with systems. The luminaires enable long term, efficient and flexible lighting of large surfaces. They enable lighting over large distances. Various construction markets and wholesale businesses are among the specialist’s end customers.

  • Developing modules that are both efficient and powerful
  • Simple handling with a mechanical and electronic plug system
  • Homogenous light distribution in various light classes
  • Flexibility in the selection of colour from warm white to neutral white
  • 700 mA constant current, 3x modules with a total light yield of 3000 lm
  • In close coordination with the client, six modules were created which can be installed flexibly and individually:
  • Outputs from 8 to 20 W
  • 36 to 45 Nichia series 757 LEDs
  • Depending on power class, FR4 and aluminium boards
  • Achieved brightness of 3300 to 8400 lm

LED module neutral white, 45 x NF2L757DRT-V1
Dimensions: 400 x 16.5 mm
PCB material: Aluminium
LED: 45 x Nichia 757 series
Luminous flux: 3300 lm at 700 mA
Output: 19.8 W
Efficiency: 145 lm / W
CRI value: at least 80
Production of 35,000 modules per year


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Marcel Fries
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Large spaces, lots of flexibility
Lights for the right mood

LUMITRONIX® LED modules for design lighting

Lights for the right mood

Our client from Germany is a manufacturer of high-quality design lights for living spaces and was looking for an LED module for their new light series. The company decided very early that they wanted to take advantage of the features of ‘tunable white’ applications, which are lighting materials that can have their colour temperature adjusted from warm white to cold white. Thanks to this technology, the end user has the opportunity to adjust the light colour at home depending on the use, situation or mood.

  • Different light colours and a higher CRI value
  • A large part of the heat dissipation must take place via the boards due to the narrow and flat construction of the casing
  • The most efficient and cheapest manufacture possible and a cheap, competitive price per piece in accordance with the selection of materials
  • Square LED module (40 x 40 mm) on the basis of an FR4 board with thermal vias
  • Good heat dissipation despite eliminating expensive aluminium boards through the use of thermal vias
  • 6 warm white (2700 K) and 6 cold white (6500 K) Nichia LEDs in a straight and narrow arrangement for the desired colour mix, homogenous illumination and adjustment of colour temperature

Dimensions: 40 x 40 mm
PCB material: 2-layer FR4 with thermal vias
CRI value: 90 +
LEDs: 12 x Nichia 757 series (6 x warm white, 6 x white)
Operation: 24V constant voltage
Luminous flux: 265 lm
Efficiency: 124 lm / W at 6500 K
117 lm / W at 2700 K
Production of 60,000 modules per year


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